• Minimal Invasiv

    An artistic social media intervention

    The majority of network-based decisions are made in a matter of seconds. In the ever-increasing flood of information, the consumer opts for the maximum visual stimulus and thus for the person, the brand, the film, the news portal, the travel destination or the restaurant. Everything is prepared and staged in such a way that it tells a story and offers sufficient visual stimulation.

    On the instagram account „tageszielerreicht“ I take the opposite approach. The posts in the minimally invasive period consist of photos and short videos with no obvious staging or special editing. The images are often blurred or taken from unusual perspectives and show things that are often overlooked or considered insignificant in everyday life.
    The strategy of „minimal invasiveness“ encourages viewers to take their time and consciously pay attention to small details.
    At the same time, the account is also an experiment in visual communication and social media strategies.

    Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR programme Module D – Digital mediation formats