• my mind keeps wandering

    3-teilige Videoinstallation / HD 3min30sec / 2013




    3-part video installation / HD 3min30sec / 2013

    The installation consists of three HD films that are shown in parallel in a loop next to each other. The individual films are animated collages of found footage.

    The title MY MIND KEEPS WANDERING is composed of the three individual titles of the respective films.
    MY MIND intuitively deals with the near past. Icons of this past are combined with rotating architecture, writing, set pieces of the nuclear catastrophe of Chernobyl, rows of numbers that build up.
    KEEPS deals with the problems of the present: urbanization, ecological and economic catastrophes and war. This sequence is combined with a multitude of headlines that alternate in rapid succession, not allowing the viewer to make sense of them.
    WANDERING has moved away from the earth. In this bizarre future world there are mutated children and aliens drifting through a timeless space, multiplying and being absorbed by alien planets.