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    Mixed-media installation by the artist duo Maier_Lankowitz in the Erlöserkirche Munich

    30 walkers / cable ties / HD video/ 2016

    Walking is difficult. Whether illness, infirmity or old age. Help. Otherwise you can no longer get out, is dependent on messengers who maintain contact with the world. But keep upright can then also a rollator, support skeleton on wheels. A switchable body extension. At the same time a carrier, shopping bag, chair and locomotion device. A friend. A bit of science fiction even, some hope for a new, better future before the final curtain.

    Discarded rollators from recycling centers and junk shops are the raw material from which the sculpture „WALKERS WELCOME“ is made. A balancing act of several rollator beings, which stretches to the sky in the Erlöserkirche.

    The previous owners are unknown, but the rollators are like dancers on stage, individuals with a life of their own. But then, as if they themselves were in need of help, stacked into an unhealthy formation. They lack the person who moves them. They could help, but they were not a counterpart.

    The sculpture is complemented by a video playing on a monitor on loop under the altar table. A pair of feet balances endlessly and light-footedly over beams, obstacles, stone, and grass.