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    42 drawings – fineliner on paper, each approx. 29.7 x 42 cm,

    Blueprints on wall and floor at Relais de l’Espadon, Ile de GorĂ©e, Dakar, Ship’s plank and digital prints / Biennale de Dakar 2018.

    In a single decade, the smartphone has brought so much distraction, confusion , overwhelm and self-optimization madness into our daily lives that the longing for inner calm and gathering is ever increasing. Can meditation apps bring back the calm that other apps have robbed, or are they just another cog in the „multi-billion dollar feel-good machine“?

    In a self-experiment, Stephanie Maier tested various mindfulness apps. She visualized her „metamorphosis“ through drawings created during meditation phases with her eyes closed.

    These gestural drawings are again subject to their own metamorphosis and find their way in altered form onto walls, into corners and onto edges. They are dated and thus allow the contemplation of a diary-like process. After the process, the drawings can be read with closed eyes, just as they were created.