Interactive Video Project  Рongoing / 1-channel video /  4K Р14min 1osec

    Everything reorders itself as soon as the sun goes down. Quiet voices within us become loud
    and at the same time heavy things fall like bricks from our souls. The body goes into a
    different mode.
    While the day is the time for movement, noise and tumult, the night is the place of rest,
    solitude and pause. The night offers us protection, envelops us, but also creates or releases
    fears. At night we develop longings and hopes.
    The project will address different questions: how do bodies move in the nocturnal silence of
    the city? Are there night places that are only beautiful and special at night? How do people
    react with their bodies to the public space when the silence of the night comes. Why do
    people love the night? What do they associate with the night? What does the night mean?
    Intoxication * Dancing * Freedom * Courage * Melatonin * Silence?